Salad Inspiration

salad inspiration_budding daffadilseeing the different colors

Spring is in the air. The flowers are blooming. Nature awakening makes me want salad. Who wants to cook when it is warm/hot outside. I enjoy light food during warm weather anyway.

The different shades of green, the different style leaves with splashes of white, red and purple makes me think of salad. Everything nowadays seems to come with a warning tag that it is not good for you. Pesticides you can’t see but give you cancer in your 40s.  Ecoli. Artificial this, fake that. Talk to the right person on the wrong day and they will have you thinking that water isn’t even water today. Good hard work in a garden make we want something light and fresh to eat. Fresh and crisp. A big bowl of mixed greens and a nice pitcher of tea or lemonade is a mental getaway and a treat.


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