Packaged Freshness

 spinach readyto use

As I’ve mentioned. These type of reusable containers with whole leaf lettuces seem, to me, to be the best for freshness.  Look at the bottom of the box.  Just a hint of moisture.  It reminds me of dew, versus the balloon hot house with mushy muck at the bottom.

I have to be honest though and not fully trash regular salad bagging. While the regular packaged lettuce is great when you first get it, you have to eat it quickly, I would rather have the container. I know a machine packed this lettuce, but it “feels” special. It smells clean. It tasted fresh picked.

My bagged spinach(Shop N Save) with the holes in the bag to let the leaves breathe, was really tasty. Firm leaves and an earthy scent without feeling like you were on the farm. Best of all…….. no grit (cringe).  I can’t stand to have spinach that I have to wash and rewash to get the dirt out of. If that is the case, I could just buy it bulk.



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