Freshness Anywhere

freshness, from the earth

For freshness anywhere, why not start with my own backyard…… or frontyard 🙂

This was my gardening effort last summer (2007). I finally had a personalized, small collection of plants and flowers.  I’m so proud of myself. Not a lot of super hard work, just realizing what I wanted and making it so.

Nothing died, wilted, browned or colorless. Everything seemed to have firm leaves and bright colors. I even put a special treat here or there, my fake frogs. The children got a kick out of them.

I like this idea. My own version of nature without being a “granola and tree bark” health freak. I’m growing up to value the small things and to give thanks for all things. It feels great to nurture something that gives beauty to the neighborhood and makes other people happy as well.  The site of the flowers in my yard actually makes people walking by smile and say “hello, I like your flowers.  We don’t get many open friendly hellos in my neighborhood as much any more.

My elderly neighbors sits on the porch and watch the flowers grow, watch me work. They just enjoy the view.  One said it makes her feel like she is sitting in the park.

I like to make other people smile. Simple things. Good things. Natural and simple living seems to be the theme of  who I am growing into and wishing to be at 37 years old. Wish me luck.


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