Environmentally “Unfriendly” package

This just doesn\'t scream good to me

When you say environmentally friendly to me, it brings to mind things the you can reuse or things that are broken down more easily.

Most packing just goes in the trash, none seems better than the next.

Bread bags (no pic), cereal inserts (no pic) and most vegetable and salad bagging,  pill bottles, tubs for cream cheeses, water bottles and on and on…..it all just lies in the ground waiting.  You can harp on the environmental damage of plastics but then you have to give a big acknowledgment to the waste of the life of a tree for cardboard. I don’t even want to think about glass. Which do you critique the most?

I’ve heard that there are new packages made from corn products or something that breaks down a little easier……. but with corn now being used in fuels, I wonder if that is even a good option-financially or the just in terms of use of land.

I’m by no means a tree hugger, but I’m starting to see that all this plastic and cardboard isn’t a good thing and I try to reuse/repurpose things more now than ever before. You have to start small and start someplace, but most of all you just have to start.


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