This to me is a great idea of how to package food items if possible. Times are financially hard for everyone and people who take a lunch to work would love to have this container to use and reuse, thus making it environmentally friendly. I know alot of people who save these for leftovers. I know so people who will make a food item for a friend and use these instead of sending their glad-ware or Tupperware (that you never get back). It beats going to the dollar store and paying a buck for 3 cheapo containers that you lose. The plastic is thicker than these and surely it take forever and more to break down in a landfill. These containers were sturdy without because like a cheap, crackly piece of plastic. The shape was great and it was pretty air tight. Not vacuum tight, but the lid sealed nicely. 

When I’ve bought food packaged like this, I felt like I was getting something fresh and special. Not “machine spit out and away it goes-no telling how long it had been sitting there”.  With hot food items packaged to reheat, it feels like you’ve gotten a meal from a lunchtime restaurant, a treat. For cooler items, you feel like something has been especially prepared for you. Unique.

These are easy to stack in the fridge and carry in a bag if there are more than one. If you dropped it, stuff wouldn’t fly everywhere–no worries. I would pay a little more for this only because I feel like I would get a few uses out of it.

A sticker on the label encouraging reuse would be a wonderful encouragement. Also limitation would be nice. Is it dishwasher hardy? Microwave safe? What number plastic is it? Can it be thrown in the recycle bin?

As a homemaker, I just really like these type of packaging.


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