Bad Salad Package–the yuck and gross factor

crappy standard salad packagingIt has air and moisture trapped in it

My sister sent me the above picture with the frog in it and it really illustrates what makes a bad salad package to me. 

While my photo of the salad that I happen to buy a lot of has some of these qualities, it gets eaten so quickly that it never gets to this extreme…… where a frog can live in it. It is chopped salad so I do get the brown factor on the edges of the stem edges if I don’t eat it all quickly,  which makes it a bit gross. But it is a cheaper salad so I take the good with the bad. Purchased at Aldi’s.

I got politely asked to stop taking pictures at the Schnucks grocery store  when I taking photos of the salad packages that I didn’t like. I guess they thought I was doing a news piece and didn’t want to be included. my photos were blurry anyway.

A bad salad package is one where there is a lot of air and moisture that is trapped. A mini greenhouse for moisture and it doesn’t keep well if the lettuce leaves are chopped and not the whole leaf, mixed greens pack. When I see a puffed out bag of salad I automatically think of wet and slime, then I check the back and bottom of the bag to see if I can see any wet and slime. GROSS! I don’t care for the feel of the plastic either. Thick without being thick. Hard to open. Nothing really great about the packaging. It just is what it is.




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