Bag Salad: what I love, like and dislike

The WHY of why I love bagged salad. To make things simple, and not over dramatize my love for bagged, pre-washed (very important) salad……… I can’t cook meat very well. I actually give it a second death:)~    I’m not kidding. It’s the joke among my family.

Over the years I’ve manage to crank out a few chicken dishes that don’t involve major preparation beyond: running water over a frozen unskinned chicken breast, thaw, chop, cook……. but when my husband doesn’t eat red meat on principle, I don’t eat red meat because I can’t cook it to taste like anything, and my children don’t eat meat unless it looks like a chicken finger from Burger King or McDonald’s……… SALAD IT IS!

I come from a large family of pretty good cooks so my cooking kind of sucks.  My mother was a professional baker and my grandmother (who had 14 children) was a fantastic cook, she even had a restaurant back in the day:) With people who cook food greatly around you, I just never learned to prepare meal-meals. I can bake a cake like no body’s business and whip up a batch of cookies quicker than I can make a sandwich…. which also leads to why I love salads…… necessity…… I’m fat from the stress relief cookies and the constant tiny slices of cake that add up during a couple of days time.  I really could stand to drop a couple of 50’s and be cutesy again so I depend on having salad around.

Also, I think I have a psychological avoidance to turning on the stove because of the three different meals I feel that I”m fixing for my husband and children. I just want something quick, simple and no fail for myself. I would add healthy to the list, but by the time I add the extra goodies, mine “healthy” title is pushing it. Still better in calories and fat than at a restaurant, but loaded with goodies. Chicken, croutons, sunflowers seeds and fried onions….. oh my! Did I forget cheese (I try). Luckily I’m not a salad dressing freak or I’d be in real trouble. Although, I’ve bought a few salad kits that had some nice Caesar dressings but I find I like Caesar salad at restaurants more than I like them out of the bagged salad kit.



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