A Great Salad Package–ahhhhh:)Packaged Freshness

spinach bag with tiny holes in itthe prefered packageThis is it for chopped lettuceNo wet, no mush, no air--great!

These are the ultimate in salad freshness. Cut/chopped leaf bag that are vacuum packed. Whole leaves in a reusable container. Ready made kits in a container you can eat out of.  It screams fresh and protected. Clean.

Do you see that garden salad mix?  No air.  No bubbles. No brown lettuce. No mush. No wet in the package. It looks good. Smells good. It doesn’t take up a bunch of space in the fridge while you are waiting to use it. This is my ideal of great salad packaging when you eat alot of salad. I just wish the plastic bags had a ziplock on them. The zippered kind, not the two finger press kind.

I found this bag and container at Sam’s Club. I don’t shop there often because I let my card run out but I love this salad…… and there is enough of it that I don’t worry about going back or scaling down the size of my salads if I don’t feel like going back to the grocery for more. With gas prices, I don’t make zippy trips anymore.

I also just adore the bags with the holes in the back, like the spinach above that I buy from Shop n Save. Usually I only see those holes on the whole leaf mixed lettuce bags.  The holes didn’t show up well at all in the pictures. Love those.  Everything feels fresh picked.

All bagged salad should have a notice on it saying that it has been wash. I use a salad spinner to rewash but if give me confidence that it wasn’t just unloaded from a truck and zipped in to a packing machine.


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